so im currently in the computer lab in my campus. we need to attend this 2 days programme on internet certificate if im not mistaken. damnnnnnn its boringgggg. thank god we can access the internet and play around the class. theres free food too. but thats how they buy cheap people right? with free food. lol im one of them -.-

a day out with my friends


Maybe its just another crush.
Maybe cause i used to have tonnes of them before.
Maybe i never plan to fall.
Maybe cause i know your heart is faraway with another lads.
Maybe this feelings will all fade away when time passes by.
Maybe im not in control over my emotions.
Maybe i just love you.
Maybe your smile lightens up not just my day but my life.
Maybe the way you care makes me hope for something more.
Maybe at times i forgot how someone else have your heart.
Maybe i purposedly do that for that little bits of happiness.
Maybe im making up excuses just to treasure your beautiful face.
Maybe i fell for you on purpose.
Maybe i wrote this for your attention.
Maybe i love you.
Maybe i love you.
Maybe i love you.
Maybe i dont love you.
Maybe i own you.
Maybe i dont own you.
Maybe i love you but know that i wont own you.
Maybe i love to not just own.
Just maybe.

Old habits die hard

Being a better person is hard. At times the thought of giving up do come across my mind. Im the type of person who is good to the people i like and treat me well. If they dont, then i wouldnt care less about them. Today i realized how horrible i am for acting that way. So theres this guy that i like. Its about a year plus now that ive been into him but never said anything about it. Not to him at least. Such a nice guy. Treats everyone nicely and equally. He once told me that i need to learn how to tolerate my hatred towards others because itll reflect my level of maturity. See? Nice guy right. I envy that about him. I am such a horrible person. I need to learn how to control my attitude. I am a straight forward person. I say what i want and when i feel like it. I know its not okay to do so because i may hurt others by doing so. Hmmm old habits die hard eh? Pray for me please. I need to be better. I couldnt afford losing the people that i love and care about. Till then assalamualaikum

Semester 2

Assalamualaikum semuaaa. So my semester 2 has started for about 3days now. Im currently writing this entry while waiting for my english lecturer. Its 8am in the morning. Gosh so sleepy. So far all the subjects are just fine. I got nothing much to say. Life is great thanks to Allah.


I just watch one interview with big bang. And i find it really unfair that some said that big bang is now well known because of PSY?! GEEE NO OKAY. i totally disagree with this. Ive known them since forever. Ok maybe its partially true but not JUST BECAUSE of psy hyung they got famous. No i dont have anything against psy. Because psy came from yg family just like big bang so i love them all. But obviously my bias is big bang. Hahaha just pissed off with how some ppl simply gives out such statement. Big Bang is great in their own way. Get to know them first k. I get overly emotional when people look down on them. Alright im done

Assalamualaikum lads and gents!! Im back in kl. Spending my last week of holidays here. Before my kakak flies to aussie by the end of this week insyaAllah. Im so gonna miss her. My other half. Though our size are so much diff. Quite pumped up to get back to my campus life. New sem new spirit! I need to get better pointer! So frustrated with my arab. Got a C- and hell yeah it really pulled my pointer down. Alhamdulillah for the rest of the subjects. Got 6A’s , 1B and 1C (arab obviously). So my pointer is 3.43. I must strive harder next sem! 3.75and above!!! Did it once so i sure can make it more than just once. InsyaAllah. Aminnnn!!!!! Anyway mummy dont feel sad and lonely. Allah is with you. I love u always. Toodles! Oh ya kl sale!! Shopping like madddd k

Best of Rebekah Mikaelson in 4x13, “Into the Wild”

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besties day out

i just got back home. went out with my best of friends just now. too bad azra is not with us cause she’s in UK now :( miss her so much. sobs sobs. anyway azzy, jaja, cdot and i went to eat sushi!! before that azzy hangout at my place cus shes like so attached to 90210. she told me that she loves my life. oh well. i guess i should be more grateful with my life eh?

so around 5pm we picked up jaja and cdot. headed up to sushi king at the hills. truthfully it was my idea to dine in there. im really not a  big fan of sushi before, but i was watching this movie and it made me crave for it so badly. weird right. craving for something you dont really eat…. but i gave it a shot and it was not bad at all!

so after that we went to secret recipe. lol. eat again. and skyped with azra !! <3 shes so prettyyyyy. i really love being around them. they make me feel like my life is perfect? a good day. thank Allah for that. below are some of our pictures !


Do you realize how skepticals and judgemental certain people gets when someone pursue their study “using thier parents money”? To private universities and colleges i mean. Certainly not talking about govt ones. Obviously its much cheaper when one is studying in govt’s sector.
Ok missing the whole point! What im trying to state here is, i loathe those people who thinks lowly of those who study in private universities/colleges. Yes, ppl like this exist. Theyll say stuff like “omg shes such a spoil brat and so on”. Well let me tell u one thing young lady, HOW IS PURSUING YOUR STUDY WRONG?”. you dont get to judge a person by where theyre studying. Dont just simply say theyre wasting their parents money. You are in no position to say so. IF LAH they enter such university but didnt bother to study at all then that would be a whole different case okay mate? Im talking about those who really wants to study but doesnt stand a chance to enter the govt ones so they tend to look elsewhere. And negative society like you people suka sukaaaaa jeeee nak hina sana sini. Pleaselahhhhh. Yg korg dok hina hina ni mantap sangat ke study? Yes no? Sendiri jawab.
So as a conclusion (cheh mcm buat esei nk hantar dgn cikgu hahaaha) , where a person choose to study does not describes how spoil brat or whatever negative things that may come across ur mind. Its the effort they put in to be a succesful students that matters utmost. No, im not a private universitie/college students so this whole entry is not about me defending myself. Its simply about me sharing my thoughts :-D till then! Have a good day everyone.

I havent take my shower yet !

Now Is Good

ive just finished watching the movie Now Is Good. and i cried so bad. hahahaha. its a great movie. its about a girl who is suffering leukemia. and how she dealt with her life. sad yet meaningful. go and download it now! no regrets im sure. the main actress is Dakota Fanning and the guy i dont know who but he sure is handsome.

since my fb wall is so empty and dead, ive decided to connect my tumblr and instagram to it. nyeh. till then! :D good day everyone

Ive finally installed tumblr on my android phone. Im on holidays now. And sem will starts in less than 2 weeks. Sister is leaving to melbourne to pursue her study by 16th feb insyaAllah.im gonna miss her bad :-( but still i hope she fits really well once she gets there. This has been her ambition since forever.
As nerdy as this might sound, i really cant wait for the next sem to start!! I wanna study! Hahahha. I miss my upnm friendssss so badly. Mummy daddy dont feel lonely k. Allah is with you. I guess i’ll be around tumblr often now eh? Thts all fr today!


*me in tears*


*me in tears*

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#3 Reasons I love TOP  | He can be incredibly sexy without even taking off his shirt | submitted by anon  

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